Friday, 25 September 2009

Pasir Putih Beach

Come to the pristine white sand beach of Pasir Putih in East Bali. Pasir Putih Beach is your vision of tropical beach come true.
Location of Pasir Putih Beach 
It is located off of the main road in Perasi, East Bali. The beach is about 400 meters wide.

How to get to Pasir Putih Beach
Drive East from Kuta towards Sanur. From there take the Kusamba Bypass to East Bali. Keep driving on the coastal road past Candi Dasa and slow down when you come to Perasi, from there ask for directions from locals for ‘Pasir Putih’. The total driving time from Kuta is 2.5 hours.

Facilities available at the Pasir Putih Beach
Beach goers can rest in the shade of plenty of trees behind the beach. Moreover, a number of umbrellas have been recently installed at the beach.
There are shacks selling drinks / nasi goreng. Etc at the beach
You might try snorkeling from a boat
Swimming is allowed at the beach

Dangers & annoyances at Pasir Putih Beach: 
Sometimes there can be strong currents at the beach. So always be careful if you go swimming alone. Make sure that there are a few beach vendors sitting next to you, wherever you go. 

Closest accommodation from Pasir Putih Beach:
If you would like to spend some time at Pasir Putih Beach, you can stay in a small collection of guest houses in Jasri, to the east, which include Kangkung Cottages. Further east you can stay in Ujung, in a string of guest houses along the coast, including Seraya Shores. If you go west from Pasir Putih, you have a wide selection of places to stay in Candi Dasa.

Pasir Putih Beach is an ideal destination for:
Perfect for beach lovers who want tropical relaxation, and who have time on their hands. Families, couples and adventurous people will love it.

If you are in a hurry or don’t like leaving the Kuta area, or seeking shopping destinations, a selection of foods, and creatures comforts it is best that you stay away from Pasir Putih Beach.


Oahu Beach

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Pangandaran Beach

Small mainland peninsula with a national park with beaches and stunning scenery to rival the beaches of Bali on the south coast of Java. Pangandaran is one of Java's best-kept secrets as far as international tourists are concerned, but has been extremely popular with locals for along, long time. A small fishing town, it possesses one of Java's finest beaches and Pangandaran Nature Reserve teems with wild buffalo, barking deer and monkeys. The people are very friendly, this combined with the idealize surroundings make this a great place to spend a few days relaxing island-style. Pangandaran is halfway between Bandung and Yogya, about 5 hours by bus from Bandung and 8 hours from Jakarta.

This is the second beach resort area on the Indian Ocean after Pelabuhan Ratu. The site is 223 from Bandung and 400km from Jakarta. The trip by car or bus is recommendable because the road conditions are good. However, if we prefer to take the train, get into Bandung-Yogyakarta Express train and get off at the Banjar railroad station about 4 hours later. From here it will be another 50 km by bus to Pangandaran. The beach is called Penanjung, where most of the cottages and hotels are located, however, of modest ratings. Nothing luxurious should be expected. Pangandaran is especially of interest to nature lovers, as there is a wildlife reserve in the vicinity where wild birds and other indigenous animals live about freely to be enjoyed by visitors. In Pangandaran visitors will like fine white beaches, blue ocean and fine seafood. Twelve kilometers before arriving at Pangandaran visitors will see a huge rock on the beach, which is called Karang Nini.

Another place of special interest for nature lovers is a forest Conservation Park, close to the camping ground, which has basic facilities suitable for the younger set. Somewhat further out, west of Pangandaran, driving 23 km on the way to Parigi, lays Batu Hiu, meaning Shark's Rock, a coastal rock that has the shark shape.


Kuta Beach

Once a lonely little village on the road from Denpasar to Bukit Peninsula, Kuta is now the tourist Mecca of Bali, popular mainly among the young and adventurous. Kuta beach is one of the first favorite beaches discovered by tourist. Coconut trees line the sand beach as far as the eyes can see towards the north stopped by the runway of Denpasar's airport far in the west. The sunset in Kuta is most breathtaking.

On the south, the beach is fenced by the airport's runway, which gives the visitors a breathtaking landing experience. Kuta Beach bustles with tourists' vendors and locals. It's the most popular beach in Bali and the island's number one party zone. The beach stretches as far north as the eyes can see. As short walk away north, the waves will invite to surfing. Rapid development and an influx of visitors haven't kept the surfers away and Kuta still remains one of Bali's best surfing beaches and a great place to enjoy a beach lifestyle.

While the surfers are still part of the Kuta scene, it's the shopping, nightlife and party vibes that attracts thousands of visitors. There's a huge choice of accommodation, restaurants and entertainment. The accommodation in Kuta range from a modest home stay for a few dollars a night to luxurious, five star, international hotels costing several hundred to several thousand dollars a night. Legian Street, situated directly behind the row of hotels that face the beach, is lined with shops of all varieties.

We can find any Balinese handicrafts here, from the least expensive to the most exquisite; or unique stores such as the leather store staffed by two young Balinese men that will perfectly sculpt a leather jacket. (They are all extremely talented artists). _At night, Kuta is alive with night life. Western influences create discotheques, dance clubs, and pubs. Gastronomical demands inspire a multitude of restaurants, serving traditional Indonesian and Balinese food to various ethnic meals from Japan, Switzerland, etc. As if these were not enough, various Balinese dance performances are staged in Kuta every night. One of the best Kecak performances is found in Kuta.